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About the job 

We are looking for an experienced developer/architect that would like to work in Go. 

You will not work on existing code but create new solutions from scratch for both existing and new markets. 

This is a greenfield opportunity with a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. 

About us 

Ginntech AS was founded in 2010 and have offices in Trondheim and Oslo.  

We've had great success building SAAS solutions for the higher education sector and publishing industry. We have excellent uptime, few bugs, and happy customers. 

We’re looking to not only expand our portfolio, but also expand geographically. 

Our economy is solid and we make our own decisions. We’re fully self-funded and have no investors. 

The development team is directly involved in both tactical and strategic decisions. 

We value pragmatism and believe that code size vs functionality is an important metric. Solutions should be simple, but not too simple.  

We are curious about new technology, but think twice before we adopt them. Functionality vs maintainability is an important metric too. 

We believe having a healthy work/life-balance is important. We find solutions together and offload tasks when necessary. 

We offer competitive wages and the opportunity to own shares in the company. There is something special about building something that you own a small part of!

The position/responsibilities 

You will be responsible for designing and building up our new infrastructure centered around Go. Our existing platform will integrate with the new solutions, not the other way around. 

You will start development on smaller projects right away. This will help us identify key factors in the infrastructure as we go along. We believe in exploring options. Big decisions require experience, planning and consideration. 

You should be able to investigate new technologies and evaluate them against what problems we’re trying to solve. Go is a relatively new environment for us, and we haven’t fully identified all the pieces of the whole stack yet. 

Our domain knowledge is embodied in the existing platform and we’ve made some design decisions that we frankly are quite proud of. We will therefore spend considerable time introducing you to our market and customers through the lens of our existing platform. 

Although you won’t be directly involved in development on the existing platform, we expect you to learn the fundamental concepts behind our design decisions. 

It is critical that you are able to discuss both high level matters as well as details. We're a small team and some decisions will have an enormous impact in shaping the business going forward. 

About you/qualifications 

Your background must include solid skills in software engineering. 

Ideally you have several years' experience in different languages and at least some experience in Go. 

Perhaps you've moved beyond development and more into architecture and design. Perhaps you've worked for large companies. Perhaps you're looking for an opportunity to work in a more operative role again. 

Perhaps you, like us, have discovered Go and itch to spend more time with it. 

Ideally you: 

  • have a bachelor or master's degree 

  • have hands-on experience with both monolithic and micro-service architectures 

  • are familiar with database design and efficient queries 

  • know the importance of testing, logging and metrics 

  • are able to contribute in the process of translating a customer need to a workable solution 

  • are brave enough to consider non-standard solutions (htmx, alpine.js, sqlite) 

  • know when technical debt is an acceptable trade-off 

  • are not too proud to reach out for help when it’s the sensical thing to do 

  • enjoy discovering and learning new technologies 

  • have excellent communication skills in English and Norwegian 

  • find the idea of joining a small successful company just starting to scale up attractive 

You must be an EU citizen. We prefer that you want to work with us, in one of our offices either in Trondheim or Oslo. But if necessary, we will of course also arrange for a home office.

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