Edutorium - the complete course administration and management tool from Ginntech

Edutorium is the new centralised way for institutions to:

  • Manage course design and approval;
  • Collate and synch administrative and promotional course material and descriptions;
  • House a consistently structured and readily accessible archive of all materials past and present;
  • Easily monitor, evaluate and report on: administrative workflow and course structure.

Bringing all these functions together creates new efficiencies, enables robust, strategic decision-making and hard-wires quality assurance, unlocking creativity, continuous improvement and innovation.



Edutorium is Developed to champion best practice methods, our Course Management System facilitates and expedites course and programme design and development.

  • Intelligent workflows allow people with different objectives and skillsets to work together seamlessly.
  • Implementation is tailored to your specific institution meaning the platform works how you need it to.
  • One, easily-accessible, web-based location for approved materials and descriptions which can be pushed directly to your website, VLE, LMS or SIS
  • Data-rich reports allow managers to monitor progress easily and provide leaders with insight to support strategic decisions

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Jobber med Edutorium

The Recruitment portal and the Academic Catalogue

The Edutorium Recruitment Portal

Our turn-key, web-based recruitment solution makes it easy to engage prospective students with each course in your portfolio through inspiring content and rich media.

Integrating with material published in the Course Management System, marketing and recruitment through the Recruitment Portal always uses the latest and approved versions.

Housing a spine of centralised recruitment materials in the Academic Catalogue means that providing core information (eg application deadlines and fees), faculty information (eg student exchange opportunities) and post-study information (eg career or further study opportunities) is straight forward and easy.

The Edutorium Academic Catalogue

Designed to create a maintenance-free, robustly-structured, searchable catalogue of all course descriptions, study plans and materials for archiving and live use.

Publicly accessible functionality, allows existing students alumni and graduate recruiters to access course content from any year.

Automatically synchs with material published in the Course Management System, meaning everyone has the latest version at their fingertips.

Easily integrates imported content from other systems, creating a consistent user experience when browsing historical content.

What benefits can the use of Edutorium bring?

A transition to a professional process support tool such as Edutorium brings many benefits. It gives professional employees, administrative staff and managers the opportunity to carry out their responsibilities in an efficient manner, while at the same time providing an opportunity for increased quality. Edutorium has a user-friendly interface, which provides a good overview of all steps in the process, good reports and integration with other sector systems. Several of our customers have reported gains after the implementation of Edutorium. These are the main points in the feedback after use

Process efficiencyStudieplan Bygg

Simple bulk copying of last year's study plans and course descriptions for the start of a new revision process

Overview of own tasks for both professionals, administrative staff and managers in a personal Dashboard.

Effective overview, follow-up opportunity and quality assurance of all processes in reports.


Common processes and concepts across the organization, opportunity to implement «best practice»

Clear accountability that ensures that decisions are made by the right person and at the right time in the process, and with the right information base

Operationalization of strategy, action plans and annual cycle

Opportunity to show supervisory authorities that the quality work is operationalized in real processes



We know that institutions will probably already be using multipleStudiemodell Edutorium specialised tools to manage different aspects of their academic programmes. Edutorium can serve as a hub, connecting different applications via its web-based API.

Connecting this disparate information creates efficiency; not only does the information itself become more readily available but data about the information becomes accessible via our reporting tools.

Integrations are partner-led, to ensure good fit and demand, recent ones in our home country, Norway, have been with reading list systems like Talis and Student Information Systems like FS