Edutorium is now available for Danish educational institutions

Is your school interested in trying to use Edutorium as a pilot project?

Edutorium is a SaaS solution that simplifies the complex process of developing and revising your organization's study portfolio.

We are currently expanding our activities to Denmark and are looking for pilot customers among universities, professional schools, and vocational academies here. By collaborating with Ginntech, Danish educational institutions can benefit from our efficient platform and receive assistance in improving their study administrative routines.

If you are interested in participating as a pilot customer, please do not hesitate to contact us at post@ginntech.no to discuss the possibilities and gain access to our innovative tool and services.

What is required of the school to participate?

  • Participate in an implementation project to use Edutorium for revising educational plans and course descriptions, including preparing a customized template setup tailored to your school and creating a digital workflow process that is adapted to your school.
  • Contribute to ensuring correct terminology and language during the setup and configuration of Edutorium.
  • Contribute to specifying how the school's educational catalog should appear online.
  • Participate in the specification work if there is a need to develop or enhance functionality.
  • Participate in the evaluation of Edutorium after the implementation of the solution at the school.

Benefits of participating in the pilot:

  • No implementation costs beyond the pilot fee.
  • Customized layout and styling of Edutorium according to the school's preferences.
  • Customized styling of the study catalog according to the school's preferences.
  • Possibility to create frameworks for specific layouts and potential new functionality in the vocational training version of Edutorium.
  • Extra follow-up and training through the implementation project.
  • 50% discount on integration development.

How does it work?

It is expected that the implementation project itself will take around 2-3 months (before Edutorium is put into use). During this period, 2-3 workshops (digital or physical) will be held where we will provide training in Edutorium and go through all setup and configuration options. Between workshops, the school is expected to provide certain clarifications (e.g., related to the naming of individual fields in Edutorium, sequence, headings, color choices, etc.). During this period, Ginntech will continuously update the "pilot installation" so that you can test data, try out functionality, and more.

The pilot will conclude 1 year after Edutorium has been put into use. Edutorium is put into use when the setup/configuration (including all translations) is approved by the customer. Edutorium will be accessible to all relevant users via the correct web address (agreed directly with the customer) and will be available for registering study plans and course descriptions.

After the pilot period has started, the work of entering current educational plans and course descriptions can begin. The school can perform this task on its own. If desired, Ginntech can offer experienced students in Edutorium to contribute to the registration work. This will be agreed upon at a predetermined price.

NOTE: There is no obligation to enter into a regular agreement for the use of Edutorium after the pilot period. If the school finds that Edutorium is not a suitable tool, during or towards the end of the pilot period, the collaboration will end, and the school will not be charged more than the pilot costs.