Mimir - a platform for integration and data analysis

The platform has functionality to gather information from many different sources and platforms. With Mimir Business Intelligent we can collect data through integrations, or we can retrieve it from open websites. Mimir can handle large amounts of data and can help you get an overview by structuring data so that it can be used in the workflow.

The output from Mimir can e.g. be a tailored report, with all the data you need to be able to make good fact-based decisions. Or, the output can be an automatically generated recommendation to a customer, an automatically generated email or a changed status in a workflow. Mimir provides good opportunities for better use of data.

Applications developed on the MIMIR platform

The curriculum portal - MIRL

We have developed a curriculum portal as a MIMIR application. It's called the Mimir Insight Reading List (MIRL). The application helps users (eg the academic publishers) to get a full overview of the curriculum at the various universities and colleges. The application contains information about the individual book and the individual course. 

MIRL gives the user the opportunity to create the reports that are most interesting. Since MIRL is based on "live" data, the user can follow developments within their disciplines or for specially selected syllabus elements. As an editor, you can see which syllabi "your" book is registred on. MIRL also has a lot of key data that makes it possible to find interesting new projects

MIRL bookmarks

Functionality in MIRL

MIRL has tables with many filtering options and advanced search functionality. In some reports it is useful to present key figures for a quick overview. Which study programs have the most students in this selection? Which publishers are best represented? Which individual topics are most important to work on to get "my" book on the syllabus list?

In the table you can then delve into the details. Which books have the various universities and colleges put up on the syllabus in the various subjects? Which books are most used?

MIRL studies and programs

Live data

Two important things for us when we build MIMIR applications, such as MIRL, is that the customer should get as true a picture as possible of what he or she is interested in. In MIRL, this has e.g. made us rely on live data. If there is a change in a syllabus in the higher education sector, MIRL is updated in the same second. At the same time, the information must provide good process support. We have continuous development iterations with the publishers to ensure that we provide the information they need, in such a simple way that it provides an actual value. It sounds simple, but it requires close cooperation and a deep understanding of customers' everyday work and processes. And, one can not be afraid to try and fail. Only then will you find the right way to do it.

MIRL my books